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What is an (exclusive) pre-order campaign?

A campaign allows you to pre-order a product at a heavily discounted price for a limited duration. If enough orders are received within this timeframe to meet the specified funding goal, the product will be manufactured. Otherwise, if the minimum goal isn't reached, all orders will automatically be refunded.

In case of an exclusive pre-order campaign, the product will exclusively be available throughout the campaign duration. After the campaign concludes, the product will no longer be available for purchase.

Which payment methods are available?

We support all major payment services and cards, including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal. We also offer interest-free payment plans using ShopPay (for US customers) or Klarna.

What is an installment payment plan?

You can select ShopPay (for US customers) or Klarna at checkout to split your payment into monthly interest-free installments.

What happens if a campaign is not funded in time?

All orders will automatically be refunded, within 2-3 business days after the campaign ends.

Where will I receive my refund if a campaign has failed?

Refunds will automatically be credited back to your original payment method. If your payment method is no longer valid, or you wish to make changes, please contact our customer support before we initiate the refund process.

How long will it take to arrive after the campaign ends?

Manufacturing times may differ for each product depending on the complexity and units sold. Please refer to the campaign updates to get specific delivery times for a product. Once it's shipped orders typically take 15-25 business days to arrive depending on your location.

Can I still order after the pre-order campaign ends?

After a pre-order campaign, you will have the option to purchase the product at its standard price.

In the case of an exclusive pre-order campaign, the product won't be available for purchase after the campaign timer runs out.

Can I change my mind and cancel a pre-order?

Yes, you can request a refund at any time during the pre-order campaign. Please note that after the campaign timer runs out, the order becomes final and the regular refund policy will be in place.

What is an early bird discount?

An early bird discount is an extra price reduction offered to early backers of a campaign, in addition to any existing pre-order discounts. It's a reward for being one of the first customers.

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