Forget your boring print-on-demand merchandise!

Our team helps popular memes and internet personalities offer the coolest merch to their online fandom.

Go beyond the boring print-on-demand merchandise!

From collectible figures to plushies, board games, card games, and puzzles, Memeshapes offers a selection of unique products that go beyond standard print-on-demand merchandise. We provide you with the ability to offer your audience something truly exceptional, while we manage the entire production process from start to finish, including: conceptualization, product design, prototyping, manufacturing, quality inspection, logistics, marketing, sales channels, and distribution.

So you can concentrate on doing what you love most: entertaining your audience while we take care of the rest.

Turning memes into memories

If you received an invitation from our team, feel free to reach out or schedule a meeting.

About Us
We turn internet culture into licensed collectible toys and merchandise. Our mission is to capture the internet's most iconic moments and beloved personalities into tangible memories for fandoms to enjoy.

Based in Belgium, our team collaborates closely with IP holders to develop licensed products. We focus on crafting unique designs that capture iconic moments in internet culture, while ensuring they are ethically sourced and manufactured through audits and certifications such as the ICTI Ethical Toy Program.