Mike O’Hearn, Absurdly big and funny

Mon, Oct 02, 2023

Mike O’Hearn, Absurdly big and funny

What is the Mike O’Hearn Meme?

It is a trending meme on TikTok where people use videos of Mike O’Hearn, a Bodybuilder, and add surreal jokes to them. The videos also feature the song "What is love? Baby don't hurt me".

The Mike O’Hearn Meme is very popular on TikTok since March 2023. The meme is easy to make because anyone can use a video of Mike O’Hearn and add their own joke.
Here is a template to start with, now go make some memes.

Where Did it Originate?

No one knows for sure where the meme came from, but one of the first videos was made by TikToker @thefragrancegod on March 12th, 2023. The video showed Mike O’Hearn without a shirt and talked about a perfume brand. The joke said: "When she asks what cologne you're wearing". The video went viral in a week.

The meme became even more famous on March 13th, 2023, when another TikToker @shaggington.official made a video that showed Mike O’Hearn’s body slowly, with the joke: "‘Bro you’ve had way too much to drink…you can’t drive,’ My car keys:"

@shaggington.official #fyp #mikeohearn #meme #foryou ♬ оригинальный звук - WENGAALBI

The meme kept growing in March 2023 as more TikTokers made funny jokes with videos of Mike O’Hearn. Some of the best jokes are:

  • “Me holding in my fart while she’s giving me head”
  • “Me getting out of the pool after I realize everyone is staring at me”
  • “Sir, do you have any guns in the vehicle?” Me showing him the guns"

The meme also went to Twitter, where people made their own memes with pictures and jokes.

Story Time

One funny story about the meme is when a user posted a video of their friend trying to lift weights at the gym. The caption read "When you're trying to impress your crush at the gym but you can't even lift". The video showed the friend struggling to lift weights and eventually dropping them on his foot. The irony of the situation coupled with Mike O’Hearn’s intense gaze made for a hilarious meme.


In conclusion, the Mike O’Hearn “Baby Don’t Hurt Me” Meme is a hilarious take on situations where people try to be tough but fail miserably. As a startup that specializes in internet culture, it’s important to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and memes. We hope this blog post has given you some insight into this popular meme and how it can be used in your figurine designs.


In the meantime, keep dancing through the meme-filled corridors of the internet, because you never know when the next viral sensation will appear, and we'll be here to celebrate it with you.