20 Best Logan Paul VS Dillon Danis Memes

Sun, Oct 15, 2023

Logan Paul VS Dillon Dannis laying with legs open meme template

On October 14, 2023, the YouTube boxing world came alive with a highly anticipated event, featuring headlining bouts between KSI and Tommy Fury, and Logan Paul against Dillon Danis. The pressure and anticipation building up to the fight was enormous, but it was Dillon's relentless efforts to get under Paul's skin leading up to this fight that truly made this match memorable. Danis used social media to troll and harass Logan in the lead-up to the fight. His tactics included sharing controversial photos of Logan's Danish fiancée, Nina Agdal, which culminated in a restraining order and a lawsuit from Nina herself.

Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis: Expectations vs. Reality

As the fighters stepped into the ring, it quickly became clear that this was no ordinary boxing match. Dillon Danis's performance fell far short of expectations. Despite being an accomplished mixed martial artist, this was his first venture into professional boxing. Notably, Danis had not competed in MMA for four years and had only participated in two professional bouts.

As the fight unfolded, it took an unexpected turn in the final round when Danis attempted a guillotine move on Paul. The referee had no choice but to disqualify Danis, awarding the victory to Logan Paul. In the aftermath, the internet collectively voiced their opinions, with many highlighting how Dillon Danis had shown himself to be nothing more than a "keyboard warrior." Paul, in the wake of his win, did not mince words, describing Danis as a "dirty human being."

What followed was a hilarious avalanche of memes on social media platforms, turning the event into an instant viral sensation.

So, here are some of the best memes that emerged following the Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis fight:

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1. The Memes About The Harsh Reality Check in the Ring

2. Dillon Danis mocking Logan Paul's fiancée mid fight 💀

3. Turns out Dillon Danis really was a keyboard warrior

4. Well, how the tables have turned...

5. They said Dillon had the DOG in him

6. The tragic ending

7. Jake Paul realizing he made a big mistake jumping into the brawl

8. Abdu Rozik, the arch nemesis of Hasbulla, just vibing in the background

@jjrayner7 Abdu Rozik getting the spot light... #abdurozik #abdurozikfans #boxing #loganvsdilondanis #loganpaul #dillondanis #championshipbelt ♬ Boxing - Monster-K

9. Dillon Danis when they handed him boxing gloves instead of a keyboard

10. When you watch a pirated livestream and still want your money back

11. Dillon providing us with a new meme template

Baby Dillon needs a nappy change
byu/Recognissence inksi

12. Summary of the whole boxing event

@fdaaboul Misfits boxing highlights #fyp #ksi #misfitsboxing #loganpaul #dillondanis #boxing #funny #abdurozik #jakepaul #bodyguard #makeviral #viral #funny #stupid #boxing🥊 #tommyfury #joke #fypシ ♬ original sound - 🦆

13. So Dillon, are you gonna throw a punch?

14. The expectations were low, but holy fuck!

15. Jiu-jitsu dudes be like

16. Dillon Danis leaving after securing the bag

@xpluggyx Got the bag a dipped 😂#loganpaul #dillondanis #ksi #tommyfury #boxing #meme #fyp ♬ original sound - 🔝🎬xPLUGGYx🎬🔝

17. Turns out Logan Paul was the first person to break the Drake curse

18. Dillon Danis wanted to mock his birthday cake after the fight...

19. Danis in the ring vs. Danis on social media

In the aftermath of this unforgettable event, the internet has once again proven its ability to turn any situation into comedy gold. The Logan Paul vs. Dillon Danis fight may have ended in chaos, but the memes that followed have provided endless entertainment and laughter for everyone who witnessed this unforgettable clash in the world of YouTube boxing.

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