15 Best KSI vs Tommy Fury Memes

Mon, Oct 16, 2023

KSI vs Dillon Danis meme

On the evening of October 14, 2023, fans tuned in with high expectations for a long-anticipated YouTube boxing event. The headliner featured KSI squaring off against Tommy Fury, and Logan Paul taking on Dillon Danis. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be a thrilling showdown between KSI and Fury left many fans feeling more disappointed and bored than entertained. In round after round, the fighters seemed to forget their fists and focused on an excessive amount of clinching. The referee issued repeated warnings, but the grappling and hugging persisted, stifling any hopes of significant punches being thrown.

The Aftermath of KSI vs Tommy Fury

Fury managed to outpoint KSI over six long and tedious rounds. To make matters more perplexing, the official scorecards announced Fury as the winner, with two of the three judges favoring him. The third judge's scorecard was initially believed to be a draw, but upon further scrutiny on social media, it became evident that a mistake had occurred in the scoring. KSI took issue with the scorecards, and a brief argument ensued in the ring. Fury, unimpressed, dismissed KSI's concerns, branding him a "sore loser".

Memes quickly flooded the internet, providing a much-needed dose of entertainment that the fight itself seemed to lack.

So, here are some of the hilarious and creative memes that resulted from the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight:

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1. Fans mocking the hugging contest

2. There is a SpongeBob meme template for every occasion

3. KSI's next video prediction

4. Reddit users making fun of KSI's cuddling

KSI vs Tommy Fury match highlights
byu/Kuan_mendis inksi

5. Feels bad man...

I love jj,but this is not boxing
byu/False_Appeal inksi

6. KSI vs Fury: The Reality Check

JJ we support you💪
byu/SparkGamer28 inksi


8. Harry's reaction to the fight

9. KSI busting out some moves mid fight

Bro thought it’s a dancing contest
byu/ahoibrause2k12 inksi

10. Hasbulla's arch nemesis, Abdu Rozik, taking the spotlight

@dayumedit Why was Bro shining, THE end 💀 #ksi #tommyfury #boxing #misfitsboxing #misfits #abdurozik #memes #sidemen ♬ Gator - Spongebob Squarepants

11. An accurate representation of the whole KSI vs Fury fight

ksi v tommy in a nutshell
byu/kingmidasrx inksi

12. Actual footage of the judges deciding the loser of the fight

Robbery at its finest
byu/JasdeepSA inksi

13. KSI realizing that missing punches and clinching doesn’t win you fights

14. KSI vs Tommy in a nutshell

ksi v tommy in a nutshell
byu/kingmidasrx inksi

In a surprising twist, it was the memes that emerged as the true champions of the night, providing viewers with a much-needed laugh after an underwhelming fight. While the KSI vs Tommy Fury fight may not have delivered the expected excitement, it certainly left a lasting impression in the form of humor and entertainment on social media.

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